Perception of small business marketing

Having been in some type of marketing role in Sydney and London for the past 13 years, I have seen the brand of "marketing" been torn to shreds by all other industries, and of course, by our own. There's plenty of people in the marketing industry who are to blame for the terrible perception and "unknowns" that surround our industry, and cloud the great things that marketers do. As marketers, and as an industry, we don't market ourselves well at all.

As marketing consultants for small business, things are a little different. Working directly with the business owner, it becomes easier to trust, include, work, and create results when you deal directly with the business owner. On the odd occasion, Little Marketing have worked with smaller organisations, but not with their business owner. Given internal politics, organisational issues and egos, Little Marketing tend to stay away from such businesses.

Dealing with the business owner is key. As small business marketing consultants, we understand that money can be spent on small business marketing advice or on your family. It's a choice for small business and an investment not to be taken lightly. A business owner should have key personal and business objectives for the investment, and if they don't, we request or recommend one. Without one, the brand of "marketing" is easily, once again, rubbished. Accountability is important for both sides of the ledger, client and consultant.


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